Easy Breather Sleep Apnea Pillow


Premium Australian made memory foam pillow compatible with CPAP masks. Purpose designed to encourage easier breathing and assist sufferers of sleep apnea. Specially scalloped to allow unobstructed airflow to nose and mouth.

Breathe easier with the Easy Breather CPAP compatible pillow:

    • Pressure-diffusing memory foam upper alleviates mask and nozzle pressure to face 
    • Premium traditional foam base provides excellent support to the head, neck and spine 
    • Tapered to facilitate full neck extension 
    • Scalloped edges ensure that the mouth and nose are unobstructed for clear air flow 
    • Frees up air hose, improves airway alignment, keeps mask in place  
    • Anti-bacterial treated to inhibit dust mites and other protein matter  
    • Designed to reduce snoring 
    • 100% premium Australian made foam 
    • Designed in conjunction with Australian health professionals 
    • No heavy metals, no CFCs, and no toxic compounds 
    • Stretch cover allows the head and neck to settle  
    • Deliberately feels firm to begin with but softens after a few days of use 
    • Can be used with or without a CPAP mask 


Place the pillow square with your bed then rotate it a few degrees off the rectangular. This will position your chin more into the contour.  You will soon find what is best for your shape and comfort needs.  

Designed by health professionals to help sleep apnea sufferers achieve more restful sleep.

    • Unimpeded breathing environment for increased air flow 
    • Clear air for quality sleep (with or without a CPAP sleep apnea breathing mask) 
    • Encourages better posture 
    • Comfortable for back sleepers 
    • Fits a standard pillowcase 

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a condition where a person’s breathing stops and starts while they are sleeping.

Apnoea means “no breath” or “stopping breathing”. When you have sleep apnoea, air stops flowing to your lungs for 10 seconds or longer and you stop breathing.

This makes your blood oxygen level drop which in turn triggers your brain to wake you up just enough to take a breath. Then you fall back to sleep and the cycle begins again.

This can happen more than 30 times every hour and you may not even know it. As you can imagine, constantly being triggered back into breathing, hour after hour, night after night, can put a strain on your body. The next day you may feel tired and wrung out.

Sleep apnoea is not just an inconvenience. Left undiagnosed and untreated, it can have serious long-term effects on your health.

A person may have mild, moderate, or severe sleep apnea. Investing in a specially designed pillow may help alleviate symptoms such as snoring, breathing difficulties and tiredness.

Depth 33cm
Size 12cm high under neck tapering down to 6cm at them back of the pillow. Pillow is 42cm under the neck
Width 56cm
Foam All new Australian made visco elastic memory foam especially treated to inhibit allergens.
Cover Open weave soft cotton. Removable
TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
Country of Manufacture Australian Made


Care Instructions

Foam Inner: Air pillow regularly. Light dab clean only, mild detergent, warm water. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not immerse in water.

Cover: Normal wash and dry. (To avoid damage to the foam from constant removal of cover, leave cover permanently on the pillow).

Scalloped edges for unobstructed airflow

Unique patented scalloped edges allow unrestricted airflow to the mouth and nose so you can breathe easier.

Premium Australian made visco-elastic memory foam 

Super-soft luxury grade Memory foam upper surface combined with premium-grade traditional foam base ensures an excellent combination of comfort, support, and optimum pressure dispersion.

Designed for use with CPAP masks 

The Easy Breather has been designed in consultation with health professionals to assist sufferers of sleep apnea and is compatible with CPAP devices.

Proudly Australian made & owned

Our pillows are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian family owned and run company, using world class manufacturing and health and safety standards.

Designed by health professionals

We consult with Australian chiro’s, physio’s, osteo’s and naturopaths to design therapeutic products that provide relief from discomfort caused by a range of health conditions.


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