Having good posture makes your body more symmetrical, which in turn makes you look better. Numerous research studies have shown that we view symmetrical people as being more attractive. Good posture does a great deal more though than just making you look your best. Your posture affects your breathing, concentration, thinking ability and even your energy level.

Poor posture leads to back aches, bad circulation and other avoidable health issues, which are particularly prominent as your body ages. Gravity works against you and your posture. It pulls your body down. You need strong muscles to support your body and hold it up, especially as you get older.

Even people that exercise regularly often overlook the specific muscles that play vital roles in good posture. After exercising they also often return to their bad, slouching habits. Many of our jobs today involve a great deal of sitting. We also spend a lot of time at our computers, hunched over our keyboards. We also slump into our couches when we watch TV.

All of these activities tend to round our shoulders. Years of minor bad posture habits lead to poor posture in seniors, but our Posture Training program can help to reverse these negative effects, improve your posture and your overall health. This program is easily incorporated into any of our personalized in-home personal training routines that are also ideal for seniors hoping to stay active and in shape.


In our posture training program you’ll learn different muscle concepts. One of these concepts is known as muscle balance. Muscle balance has to do with all of your muscles always working in pairs. One muscle never works alone. While one muscle contracts or pulls then its partner muscle is working on stretching out and relaxing.

Muscle balance is automatic. It isn’t something you have to think about doing as you’re exercising, but it is something you should be aware of.

The goal of our posture training is to really strengthen all of the muscles that are involved in good posture. If these muscles are strong then they won’t have any trouble supporting you no matter where you’re sitting, even if you’re relaxing on the sofa. Sitting and standing up straight is actually a more natural position than slouching. It allows you to breathe easier and improves your circulation, which will give you more energy.

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