Natural Ways to Find Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Bottom Line:

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the wrist and hands. It can cause pain and numbness which makes work difficult. You
probably know someone who has undergone surgery to “correct” carpal tunnel, only to see the pain return shortly after.
What you probably don’t know is that up to 75% of people who have surgery for carpal tunnel will have the pain return
within two years! Surgery focuses on releasing the pressure on the median nerve, but what about all of those years of
repetitive motion and stress on your elbow, shoulder, and neck? The long-term stress on all of these structures needs to
be addressed as well to find lasting relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why it Matters:

Many people with carpal tunnel syndrome spend hours performing a repetitive motion with their arms and hands. This
also places a tremendous amount of stress on the muscles and tissues of your neck. New research has shown an
extremely high correlation between wrist pain and restricted range of motion in the neck. Interestingly, more significant
pain in the wrist led to a more substantial restriction in the neck. By establishing an improved range of motion in your
neck, you can make a huge impact on pain in your wrist and hand!

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs due to compression on the median nerve in the wrist.
  • Surgery is not very effective at providing long term relief.
  • Your neck, shoulder, and elbow all can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Next Steps:

While many doctors focus on treating the median nerve, our practice will address the entire spectrum of issues which can
lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. By establishing a better range of motion in your wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck, you will
be free to move through your day with less pain. Reducing the inflammation in your soft tissues and strengthening your
postural muscles will also help you find long-term relief. If you work in an office, let us know! We would love to present a
complimentary workshop in your office to help both you and your teammates find relief (or avoid!) carpal tunnel

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