Classic Cotton Pillow Cover


Replacement inner cover for Therapeutic Pillow Australia’s conventional contour pillow. The Pillow Cover features a conventional envelope style closure for ease of fit to any pillow.

Body Huggar – Egg foam mattress topper. Australian Made luxurious Egg Foam support helping you get a comfortable nights rest

Please make note that – all mattress toppers cannot be sent to a PO Box or parcel locker.

The Body Huggar Mattress Topper helps promote a deep relaxing sleep by providing luxurious support to the entirety of your body. The ‘egg carton’ foam surface is designed to enhance air circulation, distribute weight evenly, and give total body support by gently cushioning every natural contour of the body.

Luxurious heavy-grade traditional foam does not “bottom out” under the body’s high load areas such as the shoulders, hips and heels. Featuring a built-in lumbar support to maintain the spine’s natural curvature during sleep when sleeping on your back or your side. The Body Huggar fits easily under your existing sheets.

Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Our Body Huggar Mattress Topper is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia continues to uphold.

Australian Made Body Huggar Mattress Topper – ‘Egg-Carton’ Dimple-Foam

Deluxe Dimple-Foam Mattress Topper designed to give you therapeutic, pressure free comfort and to diffuse pressure points. The Dimple-Foam Mattress Topper actively prevents pressure ulcers by providing evenly distributed pressure for your body on the mattress. Re-distributes weight away from high load areas such as the shoulders, buttocks, hips and heels.

Need a custom size?

Please note that custom mattress sizes for custom caravan beds or custom mattress shapes can be made. Please contact head office on 03 8585 6685 if you wish to enquire about a custom size body huggar support.

The Mattress Foam Topper has built in lumbar support to support your spine

A unique feature of the Body Huggar is the subtle built-in lumbar support column which helps maintain the spine’s natural curvature during sleep. The lumbar support insert gently takes care of the ‘unsupported’ gap for back sleepers, and equally accommodates the waist cavity for side sleepers.

The Body Huggar’s unique combination Dimple-Foam and lumbar inserts allow it to adjust to the contours of the body, providing ‘fluid-like’ support and comfort for the whole body. Excellent for ‘good’ backs (preventative care), and for assisting those with ‘bad’ painful backs by offering balanced support in those nagging areas.

The Body Huggar’s Dimple-Foam (Egg-Carton) design promotes increased air circulation. Fits under your bottom sheet. Available in single, double and queen sizes. Packaged in a durable printed cardboard box.

Complements your mattress with a breath of new life and comfort

Rejuvenate old or new mattresses with the Body Huggar Mattress Topper- particularly useful for ‘tired’ mattresses and even better for mattresses that are too firm! The Australian Made Mattress Topper will also cover a waterbed, reducing any associated ‘water’ motion, negating ‘bounce’ as is associated with an airbed, and prevents flattening like woolen underlays.

Body Huggar tailors itself to your body. It is designed to combat the traditional night-time fight your body has with unforgiving conventional mattresses. The Body Huggar mattress pad also encourages correct spinal alignment. Promoting sound and restful sleep, the Body Huggar is helpful for stress-related conditions, tension, muscular strain or injury.

The Dimpled Foam surface means improved air flow, helping to maintain a more constant body temperature throughout the night, promoting a deeper and more restful sleep. This item is non-returnable if the box has been opened; due to potential patient cross-contamination, and Australian Health Department regulations.

Please make note that – all mattress toppers cannot be sent to a PO Box or parcel locker.

Contents Open weave soft cotton pillow cover. Removable. Place your own pillowcase over this cover.
Cover Care Normal wash and dry. To avoid damage to the foam from constant removal of cover, leave cover permane
Country of Manufacture Australian Made

Small, Medium, Large, Child – White Cotton


Grey Marle Pattern, White Cotton