Tummy Snuggler Cushion


A uniquely shaped adjustable memory foam support pillow to support the abdomen and back while side sleeping throughout pregnancy and beyond.

The benefits of the Tummy Snuggler include:

    • Sculptured memory foam cushions both the abdomen and back
    • Maintains the side sleeping position recommended for pregnant women
    • Stops restless tossing and turning
    • Eases backache by aiding spinal alignment and inhibiting spinal twisting
    • Use to elevate extremities to reduce swelling
    • Removes the need for multiple pillows
    • Flexible design that suits all body shapes and sizes
    • Use with your own pillow cases over each bumper if so desired
    • Removable sleeve inners for easy cleaning of cover
    • Australian made memory foam specially treated to inhibit allergens
    • Come with a premium cotton cover in ‘latte’ colour
    • Shape and position of the cushion can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses
    • Quality 100% cotton stretch cover
    • A great pregnancy gift

Designed in consultation with health professionals to assist with a range of conditions:

    • Pregnancy
    • Back pain and discomfort
    • Sleep restlessness
    • Snoring (by promoting the side sleeping position)

Memory foam and polyfill combined for comfort and support

Specially sculptured memory foam sleeves diffuse pressure to the abdomen and back, spreading the body’s load evenly and avoiding pressure points, resulting in quality sleep.

Tummy Snuggler™ uses a unique combination of Australian made memory foam and super-soft polyfill so you have the option to use the side of the cushion that best meets your comfort needs. As the abdomen develops in the last two trimesters simply remove polyfill to lower the bumpers if that is what is needed.

Also helpful for snorers as it helps to maintain the side sleeping position throughout the night. Side sleeping is the preferred position to help minimise light (annoying and irritating) snoring as it allows the soft tissues (mouth palate) to fall to the side of the airway inducing clearer breathing, thus reducing the chance of soft tissue vibration (snoring sound) from inhaled air more common with back sleeping.

Proudly Australian made & owned

Our pillows are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, using the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174453 Device: Cushion
Size Height: 13 cm X Width: 28 cm X Length: 37 cm
Overall Length Extended 79 cm Not extended: 52 cm
Filling Polyester Polyfill
Inner Sleve Visco Elastic Memory Foam
Inner Cover Natural Cotton
Country of Manufacture Australian Made


Care Instructions

Filling: Do not wash inner fill. If moist or soiled remove from inner cover and dry on rack warm place. *Polyfill will naturally compact with use. To re-plump, tease fibre or add filling.

Inner sleeve: Memory foam. Do not wash.

Inner cover: Remove filling. Warm hand wash only. Hang dry.

Unique 2-in-1 design

The Tummy Snuggler is both a tummy pillow and a back pillow in one.

Memory foam and soft polyfill

Scalloped memory foam inserts provide traction and support while soft polyfill cushions for comfort.


Simply remove or adjust polyfill as your pregnancy progresses to get the right support and comfort for your changing shape.

Proudly Australian made & owned

Our products are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian family owned and run company, using world class manufacturing and health and safety standards.

Designed by health professionals

We consult with Australian chiro’s, physio’s, osteo’s and naturopaths to design therapeutic products that provide relief from discomfort caused by a range of health conditions.